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Consultancy and engineering 

Our Services

Plastics - cutting to size

We can cut-to-size or supply full sheets or lengths of rod, tube or sheet. This service is used for the following applications:

  • Mining sector - heavy duty industrial mining applications

  • Marine & Railway heavy duty applications

  • Waste treatment plants

  • Crushers, Quarry machinery

  • Food Industry applications, packaging

Plastics - bending

You would be surprised how many ways we can bend and shape plastic. We can shape both sheeting and tubes, rods and pipes.  Our bending machine is efficient for large quantities due to its automated feed capability. All operations are personally supervised to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

Profile Extrusions

Plastic is superior to metal in many applications. It withstands friction, heat and freezing temperatures. We can produce sprokets, bearings, wheels and many other component parts to your specifications.

Thicknessing and CNC

Our CNC cutting machine has a high level of accuracy and can cut polymers, timbers and metals into complex shapes, very quickly. We can also thickness the material to the required depth.

Laser cutting and 5-Axis machining

With these technologies in-house we can produce bespoke shapes, custom parts and enclosures. Suitable for any industry from Aerospace to Medical Research and Development. 

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